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The Chief Butcher in the Techiman Municipality, Kassim Mohammed, has praised the Government of the NDC and the Techiman Municipal Assembly in particular for responding to the appeals of butchers and the entire Zongo Communtiy through the initiation of badly needed projects that will make their life better.  The Chief Butcher, who was speaking in interview with the Develop Ghana Newspaper in Techiman, was particularly happy about the construction of a new abattoir for Techiman after years of crying over the unsuitability of the old one. The Techiman Municipality thanks to its geographical location serves as a junction between Northern and Southern Ghana. This probably explains why it has one of the biggest Zongo Communities in Ghana, divided along tribal lines. The Zongo has a Dagomba line, a Mamprusi section, Sisala and Kusasi area as well as a Central Zongo populated by Hausas.  Radio Ghana discovered that the development projects exciting the Zongo dwellers go beyond the construction of an abattoir.  For the first time in history, the roads within the Central Zongo have been tarred and drains provided. Although not fully completed the project has made life better for the inhabitants as the dust menace in the dry season and the muddy conditions they grappled with during the rainy season are no more. Again, to protect their children from speeding cars along the Ahmadiyya Hospital road, speed ramps are being constructed in response to appeals from the Chiefs and people of the Zongos. They made the appeal after a couple of children were hit by cars in recent times. Another crucial project that is on the lips of most people connected to the Techiman Market and Abattoir is a bridge over a stream that divided the Abattoir and kraals from main market. Big trucks delivering cows and other livestock to the Abattoir had to make a long detour. But this will be no more when new bridge is completed. The new Abattoir, which is about 90 percent complete, is by far the one dearest to the hearts of the people. It is more than twice the size of the old one, which was demolished to make way for the new one.  And its prospective users, who are currently operating from a temporary shed, believe it would facilitate improved sanitation, an increase in the output of the abattoir and provide more room for maneuver by butchers, customers and health inspectors among others. Speaking with the Develop Ghana Newspaper, the Chief Butcher, Kassim Mohammed, said Government has been faithful to them, explaining that the 50 livestock slaughtered per day is set to increase when operations start in the new abattoir. He also stressed that the provision of the bridge is also crucial for accessibility to the new facility and called for work to be speeded up on it.  The Chief Butcher for Techiman appealed to the Government to ensure that effective refrigerators are installed in the abattoir as well as the provision of purpose built vehicles for meat transport, to bring to an end the transport of meat under unhygienic conditions in taxis and the like.  He also mentioned the need for a Kraal to be provided for the housing of cows before slaughter.
Source: AMB/DevelopGhana.com
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