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‘Miss Call’ And ‘Minister’ Arrested (Photo)

The Accra Regional Police Command has arrested five notorious robbers suspected to be behind a series of robberies in East Legon and its environs.

The suspects are Padi Hanson, aka Miss Call, 21-year-old trader; William Gbeku, aka Minister, 34, taxi driver; Stephen Sando 28, gardener; Kennedy Gbometa, 30, mason and Alex Donkor, 41, driver.

The suspects, police say, terrorised residents in and around East Legon, Adjirigano, Trassaco, Ogbojo and Madina, all in the Greater Accra Region.

Items retrieved from them included three pump action guns, one single barrel short gun, 41 live cartridges, machetes, jack knives, eight mobile phones, ladies’ spectacles, Samsung Ipads, Iphones, internet modem, pliers, a car jack and a wrist watch.


Briefing journalists at a news conference in Accra yesterday, DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno, Accra Regional Police Commander, said suspects Hanson and Gbeku were both involved in a series of robberies around East Legon, with the aid of Sando, who acts as a gardener moving from house to house under the pretext of looking for menial jobs and in the process, leaks vital information to the other members of the gang who later organise themselves, attack and rob their victims.

He said at 9:30am on August 26, 2013, the gang succeeded in robbing a professor at the University of Ghana who happened to be the employer of Sando, of his Nissan Almera saloon car which was driven to Kumasi to be sold.

Modus Operandi 

In that alleged robbery, the Police Commander stated that Sando, the self-styled Gardener who worked as such in the professor’s house, brought the gang to the residence whilst his boss was away.

He said they tamed the dog (in the house) by calling out its name and stayed vigil in the compound till the next morning when they attacked and robbed the professor.

DCOP Tetteh Yohuno stated that in a similar operation, the suspects robbed a residence at Ogbojo, Madina, indicating that in that robbery expedition, it was alleged that the house boy in the residence connived with the supposed gardener who then again organised the gang to carry out the robbery.

He said after the gang had been properly briefed by Sando, the two suspects—Hanson and Gbeku—successfully disconnected the electrical wiring on the fence wall, scaled over it and gained access into the apartments to rob their victims.

The Accra Regional Police Commander disclosed that whilst in the robbery operation, the gardener was detailed as a spy at a strategic position to monitor and alert his accomplices, should the police surface.

He further stated that the gang, who had confessed to a number of robbery operations and break-ins at East Legon, robbed a residence around Adjirigano on two occasions where they took away unspecified amounts of money in different currencies and other property worth thousands of Ghana Cedis.

According to the police officer, Hanson and Gbeku again on August 2, 2014, robbed one retired medical doctor at Adjirigano where the two struggled with, disarmed and wounded the driver of the doctor before they succeeded in taking away some unspecified amount of dollars from the victim.

Unlawful Receivers

In a related development, DCOP Tetteh Yohuno disclosed that the police had also arrested one Daniel Owusu, 29, and Eugene Sayiama, aka Fiifi, 32, both traders, for unlawful receiving.

He said Owusu is a regular receiver of plasma television sets robbed from victims, adding that “items which could cost thousands of Ghana Cedis are purchased by him as low as GH¢200 to GH¢300”.

The police officer said Fiifi was also arrested at the Tip-Toe lane at Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra while using a phone snatched from a victim which was later identified by the victim.

DCOP Tetteh Yohuno said one Alcatel mobile phone was retrieved from him.

By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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